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After completing her Bachelor of Commerce, Christine continued her education in creative and business writing at the University of Toronto and Western University, respectively. Having worked at a script consulting agency in Hollywood for over five years, she wrote and produced award-winning short films. After placing as a semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival for Dramatic Screenplays, she honed her skills as a writer to self-publish thirteen guided journals. Two of these journals have been co-authored by experts in their field in British Columbia and the UK. Christine loves to attend international public speaking events, be a guest on podcasts, and guest blogging for online writer’s magazines.

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I've never been very good at following through with a journal.  Even when I was young, my journals and diaries were all half-finished. Meeting Christine inspired me to give it another shot.  I am a working mom and had just made some big decisions in my life to leave full-time employment to work for myself. It can be a scary thing to do and I thought journaling could be a way for me to be better acquainted with my emotive-self. The set-up of the journal was so helpful in letting me focus my writing and the words just flowed from my pen (once I could remember how to write cursive again)! So many thoughts and feelings from many years ago resurfaced and I felt that writing them down gave me the time and space to really think about them and not just graze past them. Journaling Through has supported my self-awareness and provided me a tangible mechanism to organize my thoughts in an action-oriented way. 

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I read it cover to cover and started the exercises but this is a journal that will keep me going. I'll be honest, this is one of the easiest reviews I've written in years. I knew I was going to love it the second I flipped through the pages.

There is a wealth of golden psyche to uncover in this journal. The prompts and thoughts are well laid out. There are questions in here I would not have asked myself and thus the real benefit to journals like this. This journal asks us each to dig deep and get honesty onto the page. Our honesty, our goals, our wonder.

The author doesn't insert herself into this journal and so it never descends into a standard self help book. This is about my journey. Your journey. This is full of good stuff.

One of the best parts is that it ends on such lightness, such ease. Too often journals like this focus so much on the negative that it's hard to climb out of the hole you've written into. This one is different. It has me writing up, up, up and I love it.

Just finished my copy and already recommended to friends who love a bit of prompting and organization when it comes to journaling.

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